Because a “bedridden patient” is someone with compromised health who cannot stand or move their body, or may only be able to move slightly, making it impossible for them to care for themselves. Therefore, taking care of bedridden patients requires delicate attention and relies on skilled caregivers.

Especially when it comes to cleaning and bathing bedridden patients, even though there are innovations like BRE Shower Sheet that can clean bedridden patients without water, caregivers need to know the methods and steps to prevent skin problems and infection.

Cleaning a bedridden patient with BRE Shower Sheet involves 9 steps as follows:

1. Prepare BRE Shower Sheet and other necessary equipment. Use rubber sheets to protect the bed from moisture.

 2. Notify the patient each time you plan to clean them. 

3. The caregiver should wash their hands thoroughly before cleaning the patient.

4. Cover the patient, removing clothing as necessary.

 5. Don’t forget to clean the mouth and teeth.

happy Asian family, senior man on wheelchair with daughter and son at home

 6. Use Lather Sheet to create fine lather and remove dirt, oils, sweat, and bacteria.

 7. Start from the face, down the neck, and continue down the body, including the back.

 8. After using Lather Sheet to clean the body, use Cleansing Sheet to wipe off the lather.

 9. Dress the patient and engage in conversation to ensure the patient feels comfortable both physically and emotionally.

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